What are some ways to prevent mosquitoes from breeding?
  • Clear debris from property - wet leaves, yard waste, and other trash can be a breeding ground

  • Eliminate pools of stagnant water

  • Keep swimming pools treated and circulating

  • Check and eliminate places that accumulate water

  • Keep fountains operating or drain the water

  • Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets

  • Empty water from outdoor containers, old tires, tarps, and unused swimming pools

  • Turn outdoor buckets and containers upside down to prevent water form accumulating

  • Install yellow light bulbs in outdoor lamps - mosquitoes are not attracted to yellow light

  • Limit outdoor activity after sunset - mosquitoes are most active at night

  • Repair window screens - these are effective barriers against mosquitoes entering the home

  • Keep doors closed

  • Use insecticides sparingly and carefully - read label instructions carefully

  • Wear insect repellents

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1. Where are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes?
2. What are some ways to prevent mosquitoes from breeding?