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Found Property

Posted on: September 9, 2015

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•You must submit satisfactory claim and/or proof of ownership within 30 days of the date of this notice. All unclaimed property after 30 days will be disposed of in accordance with State Law and applicable Town Ordinance. •Any property not claimed within 30 days of this notice may be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, kept for city use, or donated to charity. •Any person who believes any of the property listed may rightfully belong to them must make a claim and provide proof of ownership. •Claimants must show valid photo identification. Property can be claimed by appointment only. Please call 480-348-3549 or email to set up an appointment. 

Case Number         Description

2008-2757              2 Boxes of Ammo

2011-19941            Blue Raleigh Talus Men’s Bicycle

2011-20124            Folding Knife w/Wooden Handle

2012-1128              Fuji Tahoe Comp Bicycle

2012-2054              Nova Walker

2012-5943              Diamondback Mountain Bike

2012-17518            XR-75 Mountain Bike

2012-17983            Appliance Dolly

2012-18228            X26 Taser w/Holster, Cartridges

2013-1713              Welding Equipment

2013-2429              Gold Mongoose Bicycle

2013-4521              Wooden Bear Sculpture

2014-6417              Radical Piranha Bicycle

2014-16323            Kent LS Sport Bicycle

2016-19229            iPhone

2016-19820            Silver Butter Knife

2016-24603            Set of keys

2016-26064            LG Lucid Cell Phone w/Case

2016-27260            Black Smartphone

2016-28046            Duffel Bag w/Misc Clothes, Items 

2016-33124            Black Penny Skateboard

2016-33318            EVOD E-Cigarette, Sandals, Shoes

2016-36180            Blue Peugeot Bicycle

2016-37414            Wicker Christmas Ornament

2016-39251            Remote Key FOB

2016-40782            Silver Key

2016-42547            Set of Keys

2016-43136            Pink LG Smartphone w/Case

2017-579                CO2 Pistol

2017-999                Trek Navigator Bicycle

2017-3918              Rolling Measuring Stick

2017-11206            Samsung Cell phone

2017-16032            Black Backpack w/Clothes & Toiletries

2017-18691            Folding Pocket Knife

2017-19308            RX Glasses

2017-21453            Brown Skateboard

2017-24493            Grey Backpack w/Clothes, Speaker

2017-24928            Cricket Wireless Cell Phone w/Case

2017-28263            3 Backpacks, Book bag, Purple rolling Duffel Bag, 

                                      Ladies Satin Robe

2017-31365            Misc. Clothing

2017-33376            Green Dot Visa Credit Card                       

2017-34199            Beach Cruiser Bicycle

2017-35984            Tan Bag w/Misc Clothes, Items

2017-36967            Set of Keys

2017-38045            Black Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

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