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Area Agency on Aging
Phone: (602) 264-2255
Link: Website
The Arizona Agency on Aging serves adults 60 years of age and older and disabled adults over the age of 18. The agency provides home delivered meals, support for transitional housing, and counseling for depression and elderly domestic violence.
Arizona Military Family Relief Fund
Phone: (602) 255-3373
Link: Website
Arizona Military Family Relief Fund provides emergency financial assistance in the form of loans and grants to soldiers and their dependents. It also supports surviving spouses, children, or orphans of soldiers who died while on active duty.
Central Arizona Shelter Services
Phone: (602) 256-6945
Link: Website
Central Arizona Shelter Services proivdes services to homeless persons, including short-term shelter, meals and other related services to facilitate moving homeless individuals towards self-sufficiency.
Duet - Partners In Health & Aging
Phone: (602) 274-5022
Link: Website
Duet helps older adults and their families cope with challenges related to aging including home modification, personal shoppers, respite care, counseling, and transportation.
Northwest Block Watch Coalition
Phone: (602) 504-1878
The Northwest Block Watch Coalition provides graffiti eradication services Valley-wide.
Phoenix Community Alliance - Anti-Grafitti Hotline
Phone: (602) 254-7477
Link: Website
The Anti-graffiti hotline provides services to curb graffiti vandalism.
Scottsdale Prevention Institute
Phone: (480) 443-3100
Scottsdale Prevention Institute provides clinical and educational services to students and families in the Scottsdale area; including crisis support, peer mediation, and non-smoking programs.
Valley Fever Center For Excellence
Phone: (520) 629-4777
Link: Website
The mission of of the Valley Fever Center for Excellence is to eradicate Valley Fever by developing public awareness and providing education about the disease to Arizonans and medical professionals.
Valley Metro
Phone: (602) 262-7242
Link: Website
Valley Metro is the regional transit system for the Phoenix metropolitan area.
1 - 9 of 9 Listings