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Larry Brecker is the Paradise Valley Artist-in-Residence for 2023-2024

Larry Brecker - Artist 2023-24


Larry Brecker, a New York native, is a life-long photographer. His interest grew while traveling extensively in Europe during his medical school training in Geneva, Switzerland. With his medical degree in hand, Brecker chose Tucson for his internship and fell in love with Arizona. 

Four years of dermatology specialty training in Oklahoma introduced him to pathology and the importance of subtle differences in detail, color, and texture, which is crucial for diagnosis of skin diseases. He learned to look at the big picture; then to dial into the microenvironment. Throughout his forty years in practice, he isolated problem tissue and examined it under the microscope for diagnosis. In his art, he isolates with his camera and dials into the subject on the screen to reveal its subtle essence. 

The body of work at Brecker’s Town of Paradise Valley Solo Exhibition shows his evolution and transition through various  photographic techniques over the last 20 years. 

Brecker’s newly released photographic art book Desert Inspired will be available for signings at all shows this year.


My desert garden in Paradise Valley, AZ and mountain garden in Ouray, CO solidified my love for exploring the intimate world of flowers. My emotional reaction to flora and the environs determines how I approach the photograph and then my artwork. 

Often, I have just a fleeting moment to capture the light for a perfect shot. Once I have chosen the best image from multiple exposures;  I enjoy taking artistic liberty to create a painterly effect to my images. 

I feel excitement as I apply my unique techniques. A complex mix of light and shadows, strength and softness, with bright and muted colors, add depth and texture to my art. I hope my emotional involvement with my floral subjects brings joy to collectors as they live with my art in their homes.

Brecker's work may also be viewed on his website: BreckerArts.com

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