Planning Application Portal

Planning Pre-Application:

Use the Planning Pre-Application prior to the submittal of any entitlement, zoning, or building permit application approval. This Pre-Application is required for most structures/work associated with a non-residentially zoned property (e.g., Special Use Permit amendments), any residentially zoned property owner requesting zoning relief from the Zoning Ordinance (e.g., variance to code provisions like setback/height above the maximum or below the minimum allowed), any property owner seeking to adjust/divide their property (e.g., various types of subdivision platting-mapping like a lot split), requests to modify/abandon public right-of-way/easements, and conditional uses (e.g., private roads, wireless facilities).

Step 1: Begin/initialize application:

Step 2: Required documents to upload with the application:

  • Narrative
  • Site Plan 

Other: Additional documents may be required based on scope of work:

  • ALTA Survey 
  • Exterior Building Elevations/Details 
  • Grading & Drainage (G&D) Plan 
  • Parking/Traffic Study 
  • Landscape Plan 
  • Lighting Plan 
  • Legal Description with Gross and Net Acreage
  • Aerial Photo
  • Site Data
  • Dedication of Right-of-Way

Reference Material: