Zoning Interpretations

The Community Development Director is responsible for the administrative functions of enforcing and interpreting the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, as well as various conditions and stipulations of zoning related entitlements.

Official written interpretations are posted below and are for reference only.

Accessory Structure Area

Additions Remodels

Attached Structure Requirements

Basements and F.A.R.

Building Permit

Building setbacks on lots adjacent to tracts

Cantilevered and Raised Decks

Chimney Height Decorative Shrouds

Cluster Plan Guest Houses

Construction Commencement

Construction Fences

Construction Trailer



Cul-de-sac Length

Decorative Features for Pool Spa

Detached BBQ Fireplace Fire Pits Sculptures

Electric Services

Existing Accessory Structures New SFR

Expiration of Hillside Applications

Factory Built Homes

Fence Setbacks from Alley

Flag Lot Setbacks & Yard Designation

Flagpole Height Setback

Game Courts

Hillside Applications Applicable Hillside Codes

Hillside Demolition without Building Permit Application

Naming Land Divisions

• Non-conforming Structures

Non-conforming Structures Remodeling

Plat vs Zoning Ordinance Setbacks for Primary Building

Pool Barrier at Property Line

Pool Barriers

R-10 Setbacks


Required Improvements

Retention Basin

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Section 1005A Ground Area

Setback Height Certification

Statues Sculptures

Street Cross Sections

Subterranean Outdoor Space FAR and Setbacks

Temporary CofO

Tennis Courts


Underground Driveway and Garages