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The Arizona State Legislature enacted A.R.S. §9-500.39 which preempts local authorities, including Paradise Valley, from regulating short-term rentals based solely on their classification or use. Consequently, these rentals are allowed by state law.

MAP OF STR PROPERTIES Opens in new windowSearch for Short-Term Rental (STR) properties by address or location. Click on property to view owner/manager contact information.
UNPERMITTED PROPERTYIf you are aware of a property that is being used as a Short-Term Rental (STR) and it is not shown on the STR map, you may repot the address to the Code Enforcement Department who will assist the owner with becoming compliant.
SUBMIT STR COMPLAINT Opens in new window
If there is reason to believe that a Short-Term Rental (STR) may not be in compliance with STR Ordinance or if you have other code compliance concerns regarding an STR property, please report it to the Code Enforcement Department.

Other Resources to Submit Complaints Against a Short-Term Rental Property

Airbnb complaint portal

Vrbo complaint portal

Links to Background Information

Ordinance 2022-06 effective mid-November - Amending Article 10 Short Term Rental Regulations to conform with SB1168

Ordinance 2022-04 - Amending Ordinance 2022-03 to fully comply with Arizona Statute

Town Council direction to amend Ordinance 2022-03 to fully comply with Arizona Statute

Attorney General's Report regarding Ordinance 2022-03's compliance with Arizona Law

Ordinance 2022-03 - Amendments to unruly gathering and short-term rental codes

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