Nine O'Clock Walk

Nine O’Clock Walk

Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona – March 15, 2021 – Sleep soundly by knowing you’ve taken steps to prevent crime and reduce its impact within your neighborhood. Routinely walk your property by the end of the night to check your mailbox, remove valuables and secure your vehicle in the driveway, and lock up the windows and doors leading into your house before setting your alarm to stay mode. These routines complete the #NineOClockWalk and are the best steps in helping us all sleep better at night.

Chief of Police Peter Wingert says, “To keep our neighborhoods crime-free and to eliminate the fear of crime in our community, we need to work together. The Nine O’Clock Walk campaign is tailored to raise awareness of safety tips that may further help prevent local crimes frequently committed within the Town of Paradise Valley.”

To preserve the quality of life of every resident, our individual actions should be well-thought-out, coordinated, and impactful. When mail is left unattended, there’s a chance it may end up in someone else’s hands. When valuables are left in open view within an unlocked vehicle, there’s the possibility it will be stolen. When a house has unlocked doors and the alarm is not set, an offender may easily make his way inside and back out with stolen property without being detected.  The current crime trends reported are opportunistic crimes and more often than not when a premise is left unsecured.

Community Resource Officer Steven McGhee shared, “If each resident can take actions every night to address these particular areas of concern, we will not only remove the opportunity for crime, but we can prevent it altogether. As more of these actions are proactively taken by residents, the ease of committing these types of offenses becomes diverted to the point where the offenders are forced elsewhere. Simply put, the Nine O’Clock Walk can end crime by walking it out.”

Engage your neighborhood and ask each neighbor if they know about the Nine O’Clock Walk. Making a nightly habit can help us change the face of crime prevention. Help keep your neighborhood crime-free.  

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