The principal objective of the Town of Paradise Valley is to acquire quality goods and services that meet the Town’s needs at a reasonable price while ensuring a fair and competitive process. This is accomplished through the use of sound, competitive procurement procedures.

Purchasing Thresholds


Direct Select


3 Verbal/Phone Quotes Required


3 Written Quotes Required

Over $50,000

Formal Solicitation

Vendor Registration

The Town of Paradise Valley utilizes Bonfire for its e-procurement solution. Through this system, vendors will be able to receive notifications, download solicitation documents, as well as upload and submit responses electronically. To get on the Town’s vendor list to obtain automatic solicitation notices, and to submit electronically (when applicable), please visit Bonfire. Registration is free.

Cooperative Purchasing

In support of the needs of departments, the Town of Paradise Valley utilizes a variety of cooperative contracts from other counties, cities, and other government agencies. Cooperative Purchasing allows participating entities to develop contracts for common, standardized products and services in an effort to save time and money to help stretch budget dollars. Please visit these organizations to learn about their bid opportunities.

Bid Posting

The Town of Paradise Valley has partnered with Bonfire Interactive to create a new procurement portal that will allow vendors to access business opportunities and submit bids and proposals to the Town digitally.

Vendors are requested to visit the Town's Procurement Portal on Bonfire and register by clicking on the Log In tab and then "Create your free Bonfire account".  Registration is free and easy and helps to streamline the bid process.