Lincoln Drive Median Island Project


The project proposes to generally replace and landscape the existing raised median islands along Lincoln Drive, between 32nd Street and Mockingbird Lane, and add or modify a few median islands for improved safety, traffic operations and landscaping. The project also includes:

Lincoln Median Project Image

•             Installing new intelligent transportation system fiber infrastructure along the project limits.

•             Realigning the northwest corner of Lincoln Drive and Invergordon Road.

•             Landscaping and irrigating within the new and existing median islands.

•             Enhancing crosswalk concepts for the intersection of Lincoln Drive and Tatum Boulevard.

•             Resurfacing Lincoln Drive with rubberized asphalt in the Spring of 2021 under a separate project.


Interactive Web MapMedian design plans along Lincoln Drive from 32nd St to Mockingbird Ln.  Allows user to toggle layers on and off.

Proposed Lincoln Drive Median (PDF)Median design plans along Lincoln Drive from 32nd St to Mockingbird Ln

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)Town Council Study Session presentation summarizing the project.

Town Council Study Session Discussion (Video) Video from the Town Council discussion of the project with questions from the Council and public.

Google Earth Files - If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can download these files and import them into Google Earth to view the different project layers.

Proposed Median Improvements (20191114).kmz

Lincoln Drive Traffic Signals (20191114).kmz

Invergordon Road Improvements (20191114).kmz

Subdivisions (20191114).kmz

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