You Are Not Alone (YANA)

You Are Not Alone (YANA) is a program in Paradise Valley that can save lives and help individuals with limited mobility, have a disability or other circumstance who would benefit from having someone check on their welfare daily. The goal is to help YANA members feel confident while continuing to live on their own. 

An automated dialing system will make a daily phone call at a designated time to each of the YANA members. The YANA member presses“1” to indicate they are doing okay or presses “3” if they are not okay and in need of police assistance. If a YANA member does not respond, the system repeats two additional calls over a limited time. If there continues to be no response, our Police Department Dispatch is made aware and will make a final call attempt.  A Police Officer will then do a welfare check at the resident where no contact is made and emergency medical aid may be summoned, if necessary.

To register as a YANA member, a resident must participate in an interview with the YANA coordinator, complete an application, have an emergency contact person, be willing and able to respond to phone calls and optional weekly home phone calls and allow a Knox Box be installed in order for police to perform a welfare check during an emergency.

If a Paradise Valley resident has questions about the program or is interested in enrolling themselves or someone they know, they are asked to contact our Community Resource Officer at (480)348-3567 or at 

The YANA program is one of the many ways the Town of Paradise Valley shows they care.

Local Program Featured in The Beat: A COPS Office Podcast
You Are Not Alone: A Law Enforcement Approach to Monitoring the Needs of Vulnerable Citizens

Throughout our communities, seniors and individuals with disabilities live alone, and may face challenges that put them at risk, or result in neglect of their basic needs. The Paradise Valley Police Department’s (AZ) You Are Not Alone (YANA) program is an automated, proactive approach that supports these citizens without overburdening department resources. Officer Steven McGhee and Patricia Wagner join the Beat to discuss YANA.