Pool Draining

Draining and backwashing your pool is an important part of keeping your pool clean and ready for summer swimming.  It is important to discharge your pool in a way that protects the environment and your neighbors' properties.  Chlorinated pool water can never be discharged to the street, in a storm drain, wash, or on your neighbors' property, as it is a violation of local, state, and federal regulations.

To provide more options for our residents to backwash their pools, the town has recently updated the Town Code to allow residents to drain their swimming pools into the sanitary sewer.  

Click Here to download the Pool Draining Flyer.

**Be sure that your property is not connected to a septic tank before backwashing or draining your pool into your clean-out, as this discharge into a septic tank can overwhelm the system and cause it to fail**


Draining Pool Water Into Sewer

To drain your pool into a sanitary sewer, first locate the sewer clean-out on your property which flows towards the main sewer line. If there are two, use the one closest to the home. Sewer clean-outs are typically four-inch plastic caps located on the ground between the home and the adjacent sewer main. Once the clean-out is located, remove the cap and secure your drainage hose a few inches into the clean-out pipe. Finally, pump the pool water into the sewer. Be aware that pumping pool water too fast into the sewer system can overwhelm your property’s sewer lateral, so be cognizant of potential backups due to this situation or a clogged sewer line. If a backup happens, contact a plumber before going any further to ensure there is no clog in the drain.


  • It is unlawful to have a permanent connection from your pool or spa to your sewer clean-out
  • Using a sewer clean-out located in the wall is risky, and the potential for water backing up into the home is greater. 

Other Drainage Options for Pool Water

 Other drainage options for pool water 

Other options to safely backwash your pool include discharging into retention basins on your property that have adequate storage, irrigation for your landscaping, or even a third-party septic hauling company, if desired.

The following plants are moderate to very salt and chlorine tolerant and considered safe to irrigate with pool water:

Bermuda Grass
Desert BroomNatal Plum
Ice Plant
Texas Sage
Afghan Pine
most AcaciaPalo Verde

The following plants are considered salt or chlorine sensitive and not recommended for irrigation with pool water:

Fruit TreesStar JasmineHop BushRoses

If you have questions regarding how to properly backwash or drain your pool, please contact the Town’s Engineering Department at (480) 348-3681.