Councilmember Paul Dembow

Councilmember Paul Dembow

Council Term: 2014 - 2018

Previous Term: Councilmember 2010-2014

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Councilmember Paul Dembow is serving his second term as a member of Town Council.

Paul E. Dembow was selected for the local board of the Entrepreneurs Organization, then the regional board and is currently serving on the Global board for the world’s largest entrepreneurs only organization. Paul is a serial entrepreneur. Paul grew a family owned personal care contract manufacturing business from 8 employees to hundreds and sold it in 2015. At age eleven, Paul’s unmatched work ethic was instilled early in his life as he dug mud from springs for his father’s fledgling cosmetic business. Paul has an active interest and ownership in several companies that sell consumables: a nutritional supplement company, a cosmetic company, a breakfast cereal company, fertilizer company and a soil company.

Paul had an epiphany when he was six years old after he negotiated “too good” of a deal with his nine year-old neighbor that the boys’ parents forced them to rescind. Paul understood then that all deals had to be a win-win to maintain a long-term relationship. Paul knew then that his gift was to connect people with the products or services they needed while always ensuring the deal was fair, because bad deals don’t work. Like everything else in his life, Paul has pursued that vision with singular focus.

Paul has served as a Councilman of Paradise, Valley, Arizona since 2010, on the Global Board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Committeeman for Legislative District 28 and as CEO of a branding supply chain company. Paul’s focus has sharpened his contract analysis and planning capabilities, as he negotiates and implements high-dollar projects. Paul’s exceptional ability to read and manage people is an intangible value he brings to his varied roles as he is quick to diffuse conflicts and misunderstandings at their inception.

Paul is an avid hiker, watch collector and world traveler. He is actively involved in the lives of his five adult children and grand children. Paul is driven, has high energy, can disagree without being disagreeable; he plays well with others and is a leader in every possible way.