Residential Rental in Paradise Valley

New Ordinance Regarding Short-Term Rentals

The new ordinance regulating short-term rental registration took effect February 26, 2022.  The ordinance will be amended on April 28th to harmonize all provisions with Arizona statute in response to the Attorney General's investigative report.  

The Town is continuing to develop a new short-term rental web portal and online registration process. Your patience is appreciated while we work to make the site operational. 

Resources for Neighbors

Interactive Map showing locations of rental properties in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale (Note: this map was created and is maintained by a third-party.  The Town does not attest to its accuracy.)

Contact Information for short-term rental properties (Coming Soon!)

Documents Regarding the Ordinance

Draft Ordinance 2022-06 - Amending Article 10 Short Term Rental Regulations to conform with SB1168

Ordinance 2022-04 - Amending Ordinance 2022-03 to fully comply with Arizona Statute

Town Council direction to amend Ordinance 2022-03 to fully comply with Arizona Statute

Attorney General's Report regarding Ordinance 2022-03's compliance with Arizona Law

Ordinance 2022-03 - Amendments to unruly gathering and short-term rental codes

Review all 58 written comments

View the video of the meeting

Read coverage by 12 News and the PV Independent

Rental Property Owners and Managers

Send your questions about implementation and enforcement of the new ordinance to: 

Residential Rental Licensing and Registration

In 2017, the Arizona State Legislature enacted A.R.S. §9-500.39 which preempts local authorities, including Paradise Valley, from regulating short-term rentals based solely on their classification or use. Consequently, these rentals are allowed by state law.  Additionally, long-term rental (greater than 30-days) is permitted under Section 1004 of the Town of Paradise Valley Zoning Ordinance.  Whether the property is rented short-term or long-term, the entire property must be rented as a whole.  Accessory buildings may not be leased, subleased, or rented separate and apart from the main building and no main building may be leased, subleased, or rented separate and apart from an accessory building. 

Things to keep in mind before you rent

Responsible Party Registration - Paradise Valley

Before renting a property within the Town of Paradise Valley, the owner shall provide the name and contact information of a person designated as an emergency contact, as well as contact information for the owner or owner’s designee who is responsible for responding to complaints in a timely manner.  Click the Register button to register a new property or update an existing registration.

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Unregister a property

Tax Licensing - Arizona Department of Revenue

The Town of Paradise Valley levies a privilege tax on the gross business receipts derived from the rental residential properties.  Owners are required to apply for a Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax (TPT) License from the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) and post their license number on each online market place advertisement.  Even though online market place websites will remit taxes to ADOR on your behalf, owners are still required to file a tax return showing the gross receipts received from the online market place with a deduction equal to the amount received from the online market place.

Long-term Rental

If you rent your property for more than 30 consecutive days, the gross receipts from the rental are subject to a 1.65% tax (Code 045).

Short-term (vacation) Rental

If you rent your property for less than 30 consecutive days, the following local taxes apply: Transient Lodging (Bed) Tax 3.4% (Code 144) and additional tax on lodgings 2.50% (Code 044).  Maricopa County Transient Lodging taxes also apply.  See for more information.  For information on reporting transactions visit:

Go to to apply for a Transaction Privilege License

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Rental Property Registration - Maricopa County

All rental units, including vacation and short term rentals, shall be registered with Maricopa County in accordance with ARS 33-1902 

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