Short-Term Rental in Paradise Valley


The Town of Paradise Valley is a premier, low density, largely residential community with a national identity reflecting beautiful neighborhoods and luxurious homes.  Residents value the beauty and exceptional service they receive while living in and visiting PV.  The Town’s desire is to protect beautiful, well-maintained, and quiet neighborhoods.

Recently, the short-term lodging market has experienced substantial growth largely due to the increased use of online hosting platforms.  The Town has adopted new regulations to ensure the investments in our neighborhoods are protected and the interests and needs of the community are heard and balanced.   The goals of the regulations are to:

  • Protect the quiet enjoyment of our neighborhoods
  • Reduce impacts on neighbors
  • Make visitor stays pleasant for guests and neighbors alike
  • Reduce or eliminate unruly behavior 
  • Support the responsive hosts and property owners

We desire to work with all hosts, guests, and neighbors to maintain the Town's attractive lifestyle.