Pets - Lost and Found

There are many resources online to report and search for lost pets including those listed below:

  1. America's National Lost and Found Pet Database - 24/7 online or phone assistance.
  2. Craigslist - if you lost a dog or found a dog.
  3. Facebook - to post a lost or found dog.
  4. Lost Dogs USA - submit a for and a free flyer will be created for you to use. Volunteers post lost pet on website too.
  5. Maricopa County - Friends of Animal Care and Control AZ Pet Plates Citizens for Pets - post a lost pet on Craig’s List or Lost Dogs Arizona.
  6. Arizona Humane Society - there is a page with helpful tips for lost or found animals. Arizona Pet Line 602-252-2727.
  7. Twitter - Lost Dog Arizona - latest tweets from Lost Dogs Arizona @LostDogsArizona - helping to return lost dogs to their owners.
  8. Flealess - Arizona Lost Pets - post lost and found animals here.
  9. Fido Finder - search lost dog listings and register to receive alerts.
  10. Pets 911 - search by tag ID, zip code, state, type, breed, gender, lost date, etc.
  11. Pet Microchip ID Lookup and Registration - 866-699-3463 - view lost pets, pet identification.
  12. Pet Amber Alert - pet Amber alerts and lost dog fax alerts.
  13. Pet FBI - What to do? Whom to call? Automatic alerts, huge database, easy to use, no need to register, search lost/found reports, get advice if you lost or found a pet.
  14. Lost My Doggie... - search the LOST database or add your lost pet for free.
  15. Pet Finder - free websites where you can report and search for any lost or found pets.
  16. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona - Humane Society of Southern Arizona has full-time Lost and Found staff who work to reunite pets and owners.
  17. Arizona Republic Classifieds - Animals - Search Lost Pets in classifieds.
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