Quality of Life Initiatives

What are the characteristics that make Paradise Valley a special place to live? Are there ordinances that should be changed or services that should be offered to improve the quality of life for residents? These are questions the Mayor and Town Council have been considering over the past year. At a public meeting in January, the Council identified and prioritized a list of initiatives to focus on over the next 12 months. These initiatives include:

  • Cell Phone Coverage
  • Trash Collection
  • Short Term Vacation Rentals - There is a recent and growing trend where visitors rent out private residences in the Town through a variety of online rental websites. Renting of residential homes is not a new concept. But the increasing popularity of short term home rentals may lead to undesired impacts on neighborhoods. Often renters are on vacation and their enjoyment of these residences may include unwanted noise, parties, or even the use of homes for large events. This introduction of commercial uses into a residential zone can create parking and safety concerns and general disrupt the residential character of the neighborhood. The Town will be researching short term rental activities and may introduce new regulations or enforce existing regulations more strictly in order to maintain its high quality of life.
  • Neighborhood Parking and Traffic Concerns - Resolving traffic and parking concerns have long been a challenge in Town. Deploying a solution in one neighborhood may just push the problem to the adjoining neighborhood. Developing a set of analysis tools and remedies that look at the larger problem and form some criteria for implementing parking restrictions and traffic calming measures is the goal of this initiative.
  • Visually Significant Corridors - The concept of a visually significant corridor was introduced in the Town's General Plan approved by the voters. The goal is to design streetscapes (vehicle and bike lanes, sidewalks, bus shelters, utility enclosures, landscaping, lighting, and decorative signage) to encourage high-quality streets that demonstrate the character and image of Paradise Valley.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan - This master plan is another element identified in the General Plan. The goal is to identify gaps in the bicycle-pedestrian network, develop standards for the design of this network, consider destinations and linages to encourage use of these facilities, and safety improvements.
  • Signage in School Zones - Surprisingly there is no provision in state law which allows private and charter schools to petition the Town to reduce speed limits in front of their facilities when school is in session unlike there is for public schools. The Town's Advisory Committee on Public Safety will recommend a process and set of conditions to address this initiative.

In addition, the Planning Commission will be reviewing and recommending ordinance changes related to:

  • Noise Ordinance - Construction Noise - Leaf Blowers
  • Hillside Building Code
  • Lighting Code
  • Wall Code
  • Sign Code for Private Properties
  • Blight