Town Manager's Summary of the Community Conversation

on the Five Star Development Project "Keys to Success"


What does it look like? What does it “feel” like?

  • Protect and enhance Paradise Valley’s character and brand
  • Limit heights and densities to preserve views. This may be achieved by locating taller structures in the middle of the property, providing open space and one-story elements along the perimeter, constructing underground parking, and challenging the architects to consider innovative design elements.
  • The land use plan should be unique to this property and every element (including resort, residential, retail, and landscaping) should be designed, constructed, and maintained over the course of development and operation with high quality standards worthy of a world class resort destination
  • Preserve one-acre zoning 


Does it operate efficiently and according to expectations?

  • Provide residential options for residents who wish to downsize but still live in Town
  • The traffic circulation plan should take into consideration neighboring commercial properties in order to manage speeding, increased traffic, and include elements to eliminate cut-through traffic
  • Design of residential elements should focus on quality, not quantity, and include adequate garage space
  • Developer should provide evidence of financial viability
  • Development should not result in a cost to residents, and it should generate revenue to fund any additional public services resulting from the increased population and traffic
  • Commercial resort element should offer services for residents (i.e. dining, spa, retail, community gathering places)


How should this Special Use Permit amendment process be conducted?

  • The final product should be consistent with what residents expected in the approved plan
  • The Town should plan jointly with the City of Scottsdale to address cross-border issues involving traffic and infrastructure
  • Work with the developer
  • Consider lessons learned from other resort development projects
  • Do not redesign the entire approved plan - fix only the problems that must be addressed
  • Developer should show evidence of an agreement with The Ritz-Carlton and the agreement should be in perpetuity
  • Town should not negotiate under threat
  • Construction of the entire project should be completed in a timely manner with the resort element constructed first
  • Continued community involvement