Projects - The Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley

The General Plan that was approved by the voters in March 2012 recognizes the importance of resort properties and encourages new resort development that reflects the Town's needs for fiscal health, economic diversification, and quality of life.
Project Status Time Line

The Special Use Permit (SUP) amendment process takes approximately 12-18 months from pre-application to Town Council decision.  The chart below shows the various action steps. The applicant has not yet submitted a pre-application.
The chart will be updated as the review process proceeds.  

On February 12, 2015, the Mayor and Town Council held a Community Conversation on the "Keys to Success" for the Five Star Development property.  Residents and Council Members offered ideas on form, function, and process.  Although not binding on the applicant or the Town, the Keys to Success provide a starting point for discussions and design considerations.  This summary is not an adopted document of the Mayor and Town Council.

SUP Review Process

Five Star Timeline 121715.jpg
Documents and Reference Material
Ordinance 694 - Special Use Permit as adopted (102MB) or Final Approved Plans only
Ordinance 696 - Development Agreement as adopted
 SUP Ordinance and Stipulations - December 21, 2015
Development Agreement and Ordinance 696 - December 21, 2015
Development Agreement - December 17, 2015
SUP Ordinance and Stipulations - December 17, 2015
 Site Plan and Narrative Illustrations - December 17, 2015 
Revised Plan Sheets - dated November 30, 2015 (December 3 meeting)
Staff Report and Revised Plans November 19, 2015
Staff Report and Proposed Plans November 5, 2015
Ritz Carlton Resort Development recommended Stipulations and revised applicant plans October 20, 2015
Planning Commission Final Public Hearing materials October 20, 2015
Link to Planning Commission agendas, staff reports, and minutes regarding Five Star / Ritz Carlton
Planning Commission Staff Memo and Proposed Schedule July 7, 2015
Final Statement of Direction adopted June 11, 2015
Staff Report and supporting materials - June 11, 2015      
Staff Memo, Draft Statement of DirectionPowerPoint Presentation - June 4, 2015
Applicant's Response to Draft Statement of Direction - June 4, 2015
 Staff MemoDraft Statement of DirectionPowerPoint Presentation - May 28, 2015
 Application, Narrative, and Plans - May 28, 2015
Special Use Permit Formal Application - May 5, 2015
Town's Response to the re-submittal - April 21, 2015
Pre-Application re-submittal - April 10, 2015
Town's Response to the Pre-Application - April 1, 2015
Pre-Application submitted March 12, 2015
Community Conversation Staff PowerPoint - February 12, 2015