Notice to Claim Property

Is this your property?

If you think this might be your property, you must submit a satisfactory claim and/or proof of ownership within 30 days of this notice. You must also have a government issued picture ID for proof. Any property not claimed within 30 days from the date of this notice is subject to be sold at public auction, kept for department use, or donated to charity. If you think any of the listed property might be yours, please call the Paradise Valley Property Room at 480-348-3549 or email the property technician at to set up an appointment.

ITEM                                                  REPORT NUMBER

Husqvarna Tamper                        2020-7314

Blk Backpack w/Misc Papers       2020-9647

Milwaukee Shop Vac                     2020-11845

Blk Samsung Cell Phone                2020-12410

Bag w/Toiletry Items                      2020-13967

Red Ferrari Key Fob                        2020-16490

MT 200 Bicycle                                2020-21432

Glock 19 Case, Ammo, Mag          2020-22107

US Currency                                     2020-22107

US Currency                                     2020-22777

Chime Debt Card                            2020-22777

Set of Mercedes Benz Keys          2020-23333

US Currency                                     2020-25489

Glasses                                              2020-32483

Samsung Cell Phone                      2020-36722

Chevy Keys                                       2020-41287

Blue Rollfast Trike                          2020-43420

Sidewinder Mountain Bike          2020-47161

Louis Vuitton Belt                          2020-51412

Blk Book Bag w/Misc Items         2021-1068

US Currency/ID Card                    2021-1588

Blk Purse w/Misc Items               2021-4240

Earrings,CD                                    2021-4240

Wallet w/ID Card, CC Cards        2021-9048

Travel Locks, Chargers                 2021-9374

Mag Pouch, Mag                           2021-9374

Piece of Leather                            2021-9374