Notice to Claim Property

January 7, 2019

Is this your property?

If you think this might be your property, you must submit a satisfactory claim and/or proof of ownership within 30 days of this notice. You must also have a government issued picture ID for proof. Any property not claimed within 30 days from the date of this notice is subject to be sold at public auction, kept for department use, or donated to charity. If you think any of the listed property might be yours, please call the Paradise Valley Property Room at 480-348-3549 or email the property technician at to set up an appointment.

Case Number                    Description

2012-8202                          Sorrento Bike

2013-20328                        Machete

2015-3192                          Next Power Climber Bike

2015-13613                        Magazine for Taurus PT 45

2015-13613                       1 round of ammunition

2016-33124                       Black Penny Australia Mini Skateboard

2017-45042                       Black ES backpack w/Thinkbook laptop,cell phones,clothing,notebooks

2017-46813                       Milwaukee sawzall

2017-47241                       Backpack w/misc. clothing and bag

2018-10574                       Men’s 21 speed bike

2018-13620                       Good Life Dog Silencer

2018-17924                       Car key w/fob

2018-18574                       Black Samsung cell phone

2018-22070                       9mm magazine w/ammo

2018-24779                       Pacific B evolution bike

2018-26156                      16 prepaid visa/mastercards

2018-26595                       Everlast blu/blk dufflebag

2018-35441                       Humidity sensor

2018-35999                       Camillus titanium knife

2018-36143                       Mercedes AMG key fob w/1 extra key

2019-00429                       Kent Terra mountain bike

If you wish to make an inquiry about property, please contact the property room custodians during business hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday at 480-348-3549.