Governing Structure

Council-Manager Form of Government

The Town operates under a council-manager form of government in which the elected Town Council is responsible for making policy, adopting ordinances, making appropriations, and exercising general governmental oversight. The Mayor acts as a member and presiding officer of the Council, in addition to fulfilling ceremonial duties and representing the Town on regional committees and organizations.

This governing structure is patterned after the private business or corporate structure in which policy making and administrative operations are separated. This structure simplifies government and reduces direct political involvement in administration.

Town Council

The Council is composed of the mayor and six council members who are elected at-large. The mayor serves a two-year term and council members serve four-year staggered terms. At the first meeting of a new term, the Council selects a Vice-Mayor from among its members to serve a two-year term. Council members serve on a voluntary basis accepting no compensation for their service.

Town Manager

The Council appoints the Town Manager who is responsible for administering government operations, appointing department heads, and implementing the policies adopted by the Council. The Council also appoints the Town Attorney, the Municipal Court Judges, and all members of various Town boards, committees, and commissions.