Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Purpose:

Mission, Vision, and Values


OUR MISSION:  Provide high quality police services to our community, reduce crime and the fear of crime, and by working with all citizens, to preserve life, protect property, promote individual responsibility and encourage community involvement.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Always striving to exceed community expectations.
  • Recruiting, training and retaining high quality employees. 
  • Valuing human rights and diversity. 
  • Providing high quality, responsive and effective police services. 
  • Building lasting relationships with the community that foster trust. 

OUR VISION: Maintain strong Police-Community partnerships, to keep our neighborhoods crime free and to eliminate fear of crime in our community. 


The Town of Paradise Valley has adopted a set of seven Core Values. They are Professionalism, High Quality Customer Service, Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Transparency and Respect for Town Heritage. The Plan has incorporated these into a set of Core Values unique to our community policing philosophy. 

  • Service to Our Community: Service to our community is our daily obligation. We are unwavering in our dedication to serve and protect our citizens. We partner with residents and businesses within our community to identify and address issues which affect public safety and neighborhood livability.
  • Reverence of the Law: We are sworn to obey, uphold and enforce the law. We must always treat that as a privilege and employ integrity in the use of responsibility and authority entrusted to us.
  • Commitment to Leadership: The Paradise Valley Police Department will be a leader in law enforcement, inspiring respect for us and admiration for the Department. Accordingly, every employee of the Department needs to be a leader in his or her own area of expertise and responsibility. Our mission, vision and core values must become part of our day-to-day lives and guide our thinking, decision making and judgment.
  • Integrity and Ethics in All We Do: Integrity is the foundation for every task, decision and action we undertake. We always conduct ourselves in a manner that brings honor to the Department, the Town of Paradise Valley and ourselves. We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior.
  • Respect for People: We serve all citizens equally with fairness, dignity and respect. We value the cultural diversity of our community. We empower our employees to fulfill their responsibilities with knowledge, creative problem solving and discretion. We are committed to developing our employees to their fullest potential and creating opportunities for continuous growth and achievement.
  • Effective Communication and Transparency: Our effectiveness as an organization is dependent on our ability to communicate effectively. Within the Department as well as outward to the Community, our communication and information sharing must be open, honest, timely and transparent. 

Our Goals

Goal 1: Reduce Crime and the Fear of Crime

The reduction of actual crime and providing for citizen safety in the community is the primary reason we exist as an organization. In addition to actual crime, the fear of crime and victimization can have a crime-enabling impact on the community and its citizens. Fear of crime is especially threatening for the Town’s most vulnerable citizens. To meet this goal the Department will prioritize responses to crimes that most impact community safety and fear and to develop crime prevention efforts that create crime-resistant neighborhoods.

Goal 2: Encourage Community Empowerment 

The citizens of the Town of Paradise Valley have a shared responsibility with the Police Department to reduce crime and fear of crime. To achieve this objective, the Department will work with the Town’s citizens to develop and maintain community partnerships, improve a customer service orientation, provide an open and responsive communications process and enhance community involvement in problem solving and public safety services.

Goal 3: Develop and Empower Department Personnel

The police officers and staff of the Police Department play the most significant role in the reduction of crime and the fear that follows a criminal act. They have first contact with the citizen, are first on scene and have the most interaction with the Town’s citizens. As a result, it is important that personnel feel they are empowered to act to ensure citizen concerns are addressed immediately and into the future as necessary. The Department will maintain a work environment that encourages customer service, innovation, personal accountability and ownership.

The Department will develop training practices and Department policies and procedures that are consistent with the Town values and the community’s expectations, and that will enhance the development of a community policing philosophy. To ensure that personnel have adequate time to respond to community needs, the Department must maintain appropriate staffing levels and implement effective deployment schedules. 

To maintain a high performing organization, the Department will ensure that recruiting, hiring, training and retaining Department personnel consistently meet the highest standards of excellence.

Goal 4: Incorporate Technology into the Department

The use of technology will never replace an officer on the street responding to citizens’ calls for assistance. However, the appropriate use of technology can and will enhance the ability of the officer and other Department personnel to meet the needs of our citizens more efficiently, effectively and quickly. The appropriate type and use of technology can enhance citizen and officer safety, identify crime trends and patterns, and improve traffic safety. 

Through the budgeting process, the citizens of Paradise Valley have provided funds to purchase newer and more effective technology. To ensure the value of the new technology is maximized, it will be important that Department personnel receive current and on-going training on the use, application and maintenance of the equipment. It will also be important to be aware of new technology that might become available in the future.

Goal 5: Review and Improve Work Product

Improvement to the Department’s service delivery process is continuous and never ending. The Department’s goal is to continue to maintain, improve and create new and innovative ways to meet community and employee expectations, and to strengthen planning, analysis, and budget and fiscal management.  

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For more information, please contact Paradise Valley Police Department at 480-948-7418.