Assistance for the Disabled

Emergency Operations Plan

The Town’s Emergency Operations Plan includes a provision for residents with disabilities or long-term illnesses to request the Police Department to keep a record of their needs so that they can be notified, and evacuated, if necessary. 

The Police Department will make notifications, and assist with evacuation of residents who do not have family or friends who can help them as resources become available. These emergencies can include natural or man-made disasters, prolonged interruption of electrical services due to downed power lines, planned power curtailments (rolling blackouts), or other causes. The notifications are broadcast through the alerts and notifications provided by Alert PV.

Enrolling in the Service through Alert PV

Town residents who have disabling medical needs can indicate mobility limitations through a Safety Profile and receive alerts via text, phone, or email for assistance should a specific emergency occur within their immediate neighborhood.

During enrollment, select from "Edit Details and Medical Info" from the People/Household header. Residents can locate a Mobility Limitations tab under the Medical Info header. Select all options which apply to the mobility limitations.

This is a Citizen-Provided Vulnerable Needs registry which sends automated requests for an update every 6-months.

More Information

For further information, reach the Community Resource Officer, Steven McGhee at