Emergency Preparedness

Maricopa County Emergency Preparedness App

Maricopa County introduced a new Ready.gov mobile app. when it comes to an emergency situation, having a plan can protect you and your loved ones. Maricopa County has developed a mobile app that helps its residents properly prepare and stay informed during and after a disaster. You will be able to create your family emergency plan and get a list of go-kit supplies in just under 60 seconds. In addition, you will receive the latest updates and necessary information on evacuation routes, shelters, available emergency services and much more, should a disaster strike. Visit the Maricopa County website for more info.

Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Town of Paradise Valley has joined forces with Maricopa County and other jurisdictions within the Valley to review and update the existing Maricopa County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. The goal of mitigation planning is to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to life and property from all natural hazard events. Mitigation is not how we respond to emergencies like floods and wildfires, but rather how we as a community prevent the impact of such things in the first place.

The mitigation planning process involves identifying and profiling the natural hazards most likely to occur in a community, assessing the vulnerability to these hazards, and establishing goals, actions, and projects that mitigate the associated risks. The update of this mitigation plan will also ensure continued eligibility for non-emergency, federal and state hazard mitigation grants.

Public input on the mitigation planning process is important and residents are encouraged to educate themselves about the existing hazard mitigation plan and offer comments on the update. For more information, please visit the Maricopa County website.

You may also contact Emergency Manager Robert Lee at 480-348-3631 or Meredith Bond, LEPC/Social Media Coordinator Maricopa County Emergency Management 602-273-1411

Family Disaster Planning

What will you do if there is a natural or man-made disaster? Everyone should have a family disaster plan. To prepare your own family plan, please visit these websites for very informative and useful guidelines.