Political Committees and Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign Finance Reports

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Calendar 2023


Statement of Organization1st
PAC - For the Best Paradise ValleyStatement
Filed 4/13/18

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Candidate Committee

Arizona law requires candidates who receive or expend, in any combination, $500 or more to register as a candidate committee and account for all monies or things of value received and expended by them, their campaign committee or individuals on behalf of a person’s candidacy for public office. (A.R.S. §16-905(B))  For example, if a candidate receives $300 and spends $200.  The candidate must then register as a committee and file a Statement of Organization with the Town Clerk within ten days.  (A.R.S. §16-906

Political Action Committee (PAC)

An entity must register as a PAC if the entity is organized for the "primary purpose"* of influencing the result of an election; and the entity knowingly receives contributions or makes expenditures (in any combination) of at least $1,300 in connection with any election during a calendar year.  PACS must file campaign finance reports quarterly in non-election years and follow the same reporting schedule as candidates during election years.

*(Please refer to Arizona Advocacy Network v. State of Arizona for guidance on "primary purpose".)

Political Committee and Campaign Finance Forms