Political Committees and Campaign Finance Reports

Candidate Committee

A Candidate must register if the candidate receives contributions or makes expenditures (in any combination) of at least $1,100 in connection with that candidacy (i.e. receives $550 and spends $550).  The Committee must account for all monies or things of value received and expended by them, their campaign committee or individuals on behalf of a person's candidacy for public office. 


The Arizona Legislature recently passed HB 20178 the law lowers the threshold requirement to create a candidate committee from $1,100 to $500.  The effective date of the law will not be know until the legislature adjourns sine die. 

Political Action Committee (PAC)

An entity must register as a PAC if the entity is organized for the "primary purpose" of influencing an election; and the entity knowingly receives contributions or makes expenditures (in any combination) of at least $1,100 in connection with any election during a calendar year.  

Political Committee and Campaign Finance Forms

Campaign Finance Reports

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Fall 2018 Election Cycle

CommitteeStatement of OrganizationJanuary 151st Quarter2nd QuarterPre-Primary3rd QuarterPre-General4th QuarterTermination
Committee to elect James Anton for Town CouncilCommittee Statement (PDF)
NAReport (PDF)ReportReportReport

Jerry For Mayor of Paradise ValleyCommittee Statement (PDF)
NAReport (PDF)ReportReportReport**Report
PAC - For The Best Paradise ValleyCommittee Statement (PDF)
Ellen for CouncilCommittee Statement (PDF)

Time for Thomasson for CouncilCommittee Statement (PDF)


** No General Election in Paradise Valley.  Local candidate filing not required. 

Paul Dembow ran in this election cycle; however, candidates are not required to create a political committee and file campaign finance reports until the candidate exceeds the $1,100 threshold, in any combination, of contributions and expenditures.

Note: Scott Moore, Julie Pace, and Mark Stanton are not running in this election cycle.  They are not required to file campaign finance reports this year pursuant to A.R.S. 16-927(B).  

Prior Election Reports

Fall 2016 Election Cycle Campaign Finance Reports

Calendar 2019

Committee1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterTermination
PAC - For the Best Paradise ValleyReportReportReport