Ridealong Program

In order to limit possible COVID-19 exposure to our officers, our ridealong program is suspended until further notice.


The Paradise Valley Police Department maintains a ridealong program so members of the community may become familiar with day-to-day police operations and to increase public awareness of the police function within the Town.

  • All applicants will be subject to a criminal history check prior to the approval of the ridealong. Applicants under the age of 18 must have the waiver of liability form signed by a parent or guardian in the presence of an officer.
  • Anyone may ride along with the permission of the Chief. Juveniles under the age of 16 may ride along only with the permission of the Chief, or his designated representative, which is only given after discussion either in person or by telephone with the parent. The factors to be considered for those under 16 include the participant's age/maturity and the time of day for the ridealong (normally only daylight hours).
  • Ride-A-Long Request Form (PDF)

Instructions for Ridealong Participants

We will do our best to accommodate the desired shift date, time and officer. However, a confirmation call must be obtained from the Department prior to riding. It takes approximately 2 working days to process your request and schedule. If you have not received a call after the third working day, please contact us at 480-948-7418 before coming to the Department.

Please arrive at the Police Department 45 minutes prior to the designated starting time. If you have a specific appointment and are unable to keep it, notify the communications dispatcher at 480-948-7410 as soon as possible in advance of the date and time.

Participant Instructions

Strict adherence to the following instructions is necessary in order to safeguard participants and to minimize the possibility of interference with normal departmental activities.

  1. You are under the control of the officer at all times.
  2. You shall not leave the patrol car at the scene of any police activity without first obtaining the permission of the officer.
  3. You shall not participate in any police activity unless directly requested by the officer.
  4. You shall not converse with prisoners, suspects, witnesses or other parties contacted on police business unless requested by the officer.
  5. You shall not interfere with the officer’s activities at any time. Although it is desirable and you are encouraged to ask questions regarding procedures and activities, it must be done at an appropriate time.
  6. Inappropriate clothing or extremes of dress, which would be detrimental to the image of the Police Department, or would closely resemble a police or military uniform, will not be allowed. Please do not wear tank or tube tops, cut-offs or short shorts, concert shirts or shirts with suggestive or crude language.
  7. A tape recorder and camera will be allowed if you have a legitimate need for this equipment and it has prior approval of the Chief.
  8. Weapons will not be permitted, unless you are an AZPOST certified Police Officer.
  9. You must sign a waiver of liability - no exceptions.
  10. Officers may stop at local eating places for lunch or a break. You are required to bring your own money and/or lunch for the term of the shift.