Firearms in Public Buildings

Firearms Prohibited in Town Buildings

Paradise Valley Police Operations Order Number 41
The purpose of this order is to provide a secure location where members of the public may place personal firearms prior to entering any public building located at the Town's Municipal Complex.

I. Firearms Check-In

  • Pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-3101 A and Town Code 10-6-1, individuals are prohibited from entering a public building while in possession of a firearm.
  • Prior to entering any building on the Municipal Campus, individuals may check-in their firearm at the Police Department. Signs are posted on the exterior of all Municipal Buildings giving notice of such.
  • Citizens are instructed to contact the police dispatch center by pressing the talk button on the intercom system located outside the main entrance to the Police Department.
  • Upon being advised of the request to check-in a firearm, the dispatcher will advise the citizen to remain outside the building and will call an officer to assist with the check-in.
  • The officer assigned to assist will obtain a key to an outside locker, complete the check-in envelope with the citizen's name, locker number, date and officer's name. The officer will then observe the citizen place the firearm inside the locker, close the locker and secure it by removing the key. The locker key will be placed inside the check-in envelope, sealed and held in the dispatch center until the firearm is retrieved by the owner.

II. Firearms Check-Out

  • Upon the request for the return of a secured citizen's firearm, the dispatcher will assign an officer to assist, preferably the officer who assisted with the check-in. The officer assisting with the check-out will verify owner identification prior to return of the firearm.
  • Upon verification and return of the firearm, the assisting officer will return the locker key to the dispatch center and destroy the check-in envelope. No permanent record of firearm ownership will be maintained by the department in this procedure.

For additional information on concealed weapons and permits in Arizona visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety.