Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan (Walk & Bike Plan)

    Take in the beauty that Paradise Valley has all around the Town. Get ready to dust off that bike and put on those walking shoes.  
One of the Town Council’s Quality of Life Initiatives is to complete a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the Town. This initiative is one of several implementation actions residents of the Town ratified as part of the 2012 General Plan Update.  Town staff and the Coffman Studio consultant team will be managing the plan process. The process to develop this Plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.  Contact Paul Michaud, Interim Community Development Director, at (480) 348-3574 for more information or to provide feedback.

Documents and Reference Material

03/12/18 Draft Walk & Bike Plan
02/20/18 Planning Commission Hearing Presentation
02/13/18 Bike and Pedestrian Draft Plan
Public Input 02/15/18 to 08/13/18
Public Input 01/17/18 to 02/15/18
Public Input 09/21/17 to 01/16/18
01/16/18 Planning Commission Presentation
12/19/17 Planning Commission Presentation
11/12/17 Planning Commission Presentation
10/17/17 Planning Commission Presentation
8/12/17 - 9/20/17 Public Input
9/19 Planning Commission Presentation
9/05 Planning Commission Presentation
8/15 Planning Commission Presentation
8/11 Public Comments
ADOT - Arizona Bicycling Street Smarts Manual
7/25 Planning Commission Presentation
7/13 Public Comments
6/22 Town Council Statement of Direction
5/16 Public Input Updated 5/25
2/14 Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan   Appendix 1 &  Appendix 2
2/14 Summary of Public Input
12/14 Sign In and Comments
Dec 2016 Open House Wayfinding Board
Dec 2016 Open House Corridor Boards
Dec 2016 Open House Routes Boards
Dec 2016 Open House Technology Boards
Dec 2016 Open House Presentation
12/07 Sign In
12/07 Comments
Nov 2016 Route Corridor Survey Results - Residents Only Survey Monkey
Nov 2016 Route Corridor Survey Results - Residents Only Comments by Corridor Option
Nov 2016 Route Corridor Survey Results - Non PV Residents
11/17 Presentation to Council & Staff Memo
11/12 Routes Cross Sections Car Show
10/19 Comment Sheets
10/19 Comments Corridor Designs
10/19 Comments Projects
10/19 Comments Route Alternatives
10/19 Comments Wayfinding
10/19 Criteria Ranking
10/19 Open House Instructions
10/19 Possible Projects
10/19 Presentation
10/19 Sign In Sheet

Final Online Survey Responses
9/7 and 9/14 Event Notes
9/14 Worksheet Notes
9/14 Presentation Open House
9/14 Notes
9/14 Maps
9/7 Notes - Users and Safety
9/7 Notes - Routes Wayfinding Connectivity
9/7 Maps
9/7 Existing Goals and Bike Laws
8/16 Event Notes
8/13 Event Notes
Existing Goals and Bicycle Laws
Existing Maps
Open House Presentation September 7
Community Open House Invitation September 14
Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Public Meeting Presentation
Agenda for August 13 Walk/Bike Ride & Stakeholders Focus Group Meeting #1
Public Engagement Plan
Project Timeline
5/26 Award of Contract  Council Presentation Other Attachments
2/12 Request for Proposal Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan
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